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The two directors of the AESAN Education Group are:

Wim Jansen

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Energetic people manager who believes in a serving leadership style, soft for people but hard for results. Motivating people by giving them autonomy, letting them make a useful contribution and stimulate their individual talents.  Passionate, extravert and self-motivated I have a hands-on approach with a positive mental attitude. 

With my foundation of an international hospitality education, I have worked 15 years in the global Food & Beverage industry in EMEA, USA and Asia. Since 2000 I am involved in the Global ICT business environment. Managing a variety of ICT companies with a special focus on the selling and marketing of ERP and related solutions for the Manufacturing, wholesale, trade, distribution, Food & Agricultural, Education and retail industry. I have during this time always been involved with the management of customers and prospects and teams or business units serving them. My personal goals for managing my teams are to give them a clear understanding for prospects and customers to improve their business processes, to give them a better grip on their costs (savings) and to create a platform for further growth and innovations. I have been dealing with national and international midsize and large enterprise companies.  

My core competences are in the field of:

– Management: Creating motivated teams, P&L responsibility;

– Strategic consultancy & advice: Guiding prospects & customers;

– Sales: Developing win-win business relationships;

– Marketing: Determine the sweet spot companies to focus on;

– Account management; Serving our customers;

– Business Development; Creating lasting partnerships;

Arnold Augustijn

Arnold Augustijn



The English Education Group represents Partners in English(PIE): Anglia Networks, English Academy Group Europe and English for Kids Foundation. Building Bridges is one of the leading PIE Projects. Teachers, students and pupils from 20 countries have Skype sessions and make videos. Anglia Network Europe is an active network. Goal is to stimulate and structure the learning of English in primary, secondary and further education by offering internationally accepted and recognized examinations. We also organize a lot of motivating activities for teachers and students.

Since 2013, I have been Managing Director of the 

English Education Group (EEG) and English Academy, located in Roosendaal, The Netherlands.  www.anglianetwork.eu

Furthermore I have set up the English Academy. They provide the first steps to learning and improving your English. We have courses and in-company trainings available for children, adults, teachers and schools. We offer English lessons at every level. Our goal is that anyone can learn how to speak, write, listen, read, and understand the English language.


Since 2007 I am the chairman of the English for Kids Foundation. They support children who want to learn English and need extra support. Since 2007 we have supported hundreds of children and teachers in different countries. Since 2014 we support projects in Brazil, Ghana, India and South-Africa, Ukraine and Morocco. In addition to projects, we help Travelling Teachers if they need materials or advice. In the last few weeks we have welcomed many new volunteers, so we we hope we will be able to help more children in 2014. Be our Friend and join us on:


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